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She turns into baby Cersei during ASOS and AFFC, minus the crazy.

I can see that happening. She has the sass and sarcasm already she just needs to get down from cloud 9 and stop living for the songs and fairy-tales

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dat video

I know omg I have seen it so many times IT’S PERFECT

They should do more

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I don’t think that the show really had anything for Tyrion to do emotionally until that scene where Cersei was crying and when he was in bed with Shae after he got hurt.

Yeah that’s true.

And some of the scenes in the book are so good

like when Varys and Ned were talking and Ned asked him why Jon died and right before he exited the door he turned around and said “Asking too many questions”

I closed the book and clapped

I don’t remember if it was in the show though but it probably wasn’t like that but that scene was boss

Soldats de L'ombre.

"Are you seduced yet? FRICK!" Jon.