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i totally knew you’d love the dragon

i did thank you so much for reblogging it <3

do it. that’s not right.

Yeah I am. I hate when older people say stuff like that and I hate that they grew up in a time where that was something okay to say

use a lamp or flashlight really close and it gets cooler

that’s what i do to my glow in the dark stars when I want them to glow more since the lighting in my room kind of sucks

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like the galaxy ones orrrrr like the smaller one?

idk i have to check. when i check the manual i’ll tell you

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i will tonight omg i already went into my closet to see them glow it was cool

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what did you gett?

My mom got a samsung because it was virgin mobile and i didn’t want to switch my number but I think it’s a droid idk i didn’t really care as long as it wasn’t apple

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well then. I did not see this coming. this is like a tv show for me. you and your friends are like an MTV show only with less drama and more random lmao

lmao i know what you mean I do that with other people too

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omg it’s your birthday today and i forgot! I’M SORRY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you <3

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it’s like arctic level cold here and i’m done with winter. my car doesn’t even start.

It’s supposed to snow a lot here this weekend but I am past the snowy/wintery feeling already. it didn’t last long for me this year idk why

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i’d send you a bunch of mine because i always buy new ones cuz i keep breaking them but i still have a bunch of good ones i don’t use because i’m picky

I’m picky too. Not with the colors of though but like the sound like some headphones cut off half the songs and it’s just one ear in both ears or some have too much bass or not enough this or that and it’s like dammit i just want really good headphones for music why is it a quest lol

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ahollywoodstar asked, "January, 2013"

I started my 3rd semester of school, and this time I knew more or less what I wanted to do and I met one of the people that have been the most influential in my life and that has really become important to me. AND I got to hang out with several of my friends and I saw Les Mis in theatres like 6 times.


The grinch / Mr. Hector 

wfjkhgjefhg LOL i didn’t. white boys aren’t that surprising. plus based on what he was holding i was like ehhh average. i have an eye for this lmao

i can see what you mean. my perceptions of size are damaged because of all the big dick porn I watch because little penises make me laugh

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OMG that’s actually bigger than expected LOL

really? i thought it would be bigger

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Soldats de L'ombre.

"Are you seduced yet? FRICK!" Jon.