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oh shit son rfiunweofuiwhu THE W ORLD

i know omg when people use their intelligence and power for good all this cool shit happens

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that soudns majestic I WANT A UNICORN

me too but something tells me those guys are always horny *badumtss*

I’m also excited about the wooly mammoth blood they found because it means they might be able to speed up the cloning and I might get to see/touch one before I die *crosses fingers*

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LMAO WE BASICALLY DO IT’S SO FUCKING WEIRD. mermaids omg yessssss my sister was like “wah theyre ugly” oh shut up MERMAIDS EXIST

yeah man I don’t care what they look like just that they’re real because it means there may be a lot of “mythological” creatures that are actually real and we haven’t found yet and it makes me kind of excited about the future

Riding on my unicorn to work at the exotic zoo where my boss is a minotaur

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i’m laughing so hard omg we have the same life sakdjfahsdjkh

but yeah I think that it’s cool. My mom was telling me how they found them because a huge majority of sea life was fleeing from this one area and they found the mermaid and that it took a while to like set forth the discovery because a bunch of fbi took it and stuff (you know how the government is)

but it’s so cool because yeah MERMAIDS ARE REAL

Unicorns, you’re next

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that is my exact feeling about will.i.am in general at this point

I hate when people use him in songs because he ruins everything and I’m just like ugh go away man

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oh my GOD

I had a large helping of vegan chili before I fell asleep so maybe that’s why


Oh okay so on the *enlightenment there was a french philosopher called the Baron de Montesquieu and he was against french leaders and challenged their authorities. he always wrote witty books about them. He also created the idea of a 3 branch government and proposed a representative government earlier on. so for my history exam I pretended he was Louis Tomlinson and I took a liking to the Baron.

anyways his last name sounded like queue so I was like “That’s it! That’s what I’m going to name my queue”

So now all my queue’s are tagged Baron de Montes-queue

Anonymous asked, "ever get pantsed?"


Anonymous asked, "i hope you're okay"

I hope i’m okay too anon

Anonymous asked, "L"

Alexis is this you trying to make me say Louis because it won’t work

my L is Lake

doctorkane asked, "1 through 30"

it had to be you

01: Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.
It’s okay but that’s only because, like Ethan Frome, I’m too far gone into my imagination and I have relationships in my dreams which suffice until I get depressed and listen to sad songs

02: Where you’d like to be in 10 years.
Not living here and doing something with my life, on the road to something fun/helpful. Also not worrying about my appearance as much.

03: Your views on drugs and alcohol.
I don’t do/won’t ever do them but if you do then cool.

04: Your views on religion.
I used to be Catholic, then general Christian and now I think I’m just theist. I don’t really believe in organized religion because there are a lot of problems with it and from studying history this year I learned a lot of it is politics and I stay as far from that as possible

05: A time you thought about ending your own life.
Like two summer’s ago and while I was at Syracuse and like last month

06: Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

07: Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.
Capricorn and I don’t read that. I used to and it was always vague and a lot of other signs fit me too.

08: A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.
Last month when my professor said she loved my mind and asked me to join her in her research project

09: How you hope your future will be like.

10: Discuss your first love and first kiss.
I think I have talked about those enough and I don’t want to talk about either now 

11: Put your ipod on shuffle and write 10 songs that pop up.

  1. Kids by MGMT
  2. All My Loving from Across The Universe
  3. We Go Together from Grease
  4. Electric Chapel by Lady GaGa
  5. Sister Christian Just Like Paradise from Rock Of Ages
  6. What You Want from Legally Blonde
  7. Police and Private by Metric
  8. Little Bird by Ed Sheeran
  9. If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys
  10. The House At Swamp Bottom by Joe Hisaishi

12: Bullet your whole day.

  • woke up and took a bath because I felt gross
  • went to school
  • took my archery final
  • took my calculus final
  • read ADWD on the train
  • bought a new sauna suit at modell’s
  • came home
  • tumblr/facebook/youtube
  • M I N E C R A F T

13: Somewhere you’d like to move or visit.
My imagination because there’s some beautiful scenery in there

14: Your earliest memory.
I don’t know. I think maybe bits and pieces from Disney. You see when I went to Massachusetts this one time with my aunt I had so much fun and I was so heart broken of having to come home that I pretend to have amnesia of everything that happened before that and then I actually did forget a lot of stuff oops. I have a knack for drama

15: Your favorite tumblrs.
just look at my tumblr crushes I don’t have time to list them all 
i think i did once

16: Your views on mainstream music.
it’s music idk mainstream is an abstract concept

17: Your highs and lows of this past year.
well a high was that people at school actually wanted to talk to me so that was nice. a low I was depressed again for a while

18: Your beliefs.
this is really vague

19: Disrespecting your parents.

20: How important you think education is.
Very. I’m one of those people that values intellect over a lot of other things.

21: One of your favorite shows.
My fav is Bob’s Burgers

22: How have you changed in the past 2 years?
I’m much more self aware but also I’m much more awake to the injustices of the world which unfortunately makes me hate everything more.

23: Give pictures of 5 guys/girls who are famous who you find attractive.
I’m too lazy so I’ll link you to the google image

24: Your favorite movie and what it’s about.
The closest I have to a favorite movie is Spirited Away and it’s too complicated to explain but it’s about love for your family, your friends, and your self. and also about a thirsty-ass spirit with no face
25: Someone who fascinates you and why.
Tyrion Lannister and I also made a lot of posts about this so I yeah

26: What kind of person attracts you.
Go back to that list of 5 guys. That. Idk it’s really complicated because I ( i told this to my friend jokingly but maybe it’s true) like guys that are the personification of social masculinity but i know that’s super contradictory for a lot of reasons but to me it explains why I only like straight guys so yeah

27: A problem that you have had.
Not enough drinking water

28: Something that you miss.
having crazy dreams. my dreams are so boring and adult themed lately like ugh I don’t want to grow up i want to run away from aliens is that so much to ask for

29: Goals for the next 30 days.
I don’t plan that far ahead

30: Your highs and lows of this month.
I’m almost done with school and I got a lot done in Minecraft and lots of people are in a good mood and I fixed one of my friendships. The only down is that I’m in a funk over love but that goes away quick 

Anonymous asked, "Why don't you have an ''about'' page ? Why do you speak french ? Are you native from France or a Canadian french state ? Do you like Hot Wheels ??"

I do have an about me page (it’s the link with Arya and Daeny) but it’s not a description really a page that redirects you to the tags “me” “about me” and “gpoy” because that’s the only way I can describe myself

I am a small percentage of French from my grandfather’s side of the family BUT I speak french on here because I’m on my third semester of learning it so I like to incorporate it on here since I don’t have anyone to speak it with

I used to love Hot Wheels (the toys I hope you mean) because I collected cars when I was younger and I would race them across the hallway of my apartment. However I don’t like hot wheels or cars at all for that matter anymore

Why are you anon?

Anonymous asked, "1 - 10 go go go"

1) Screenshot your desktop

if you guessed this was my desktop you guessed right

2) Screenshot your follower count and 6) Screenshot your followers

I assumed this was the same thing

3) Screenshot your blog

4) Screenshot your post count and 5) Screenshot your liked count

7) Screenshot your dash

*For 8 I have more than one so it would take too long

9) Screenshot your message count

10) Screenshot your saved url’s

I only have 1 hoarded url: Mindofanalien is my main blog, Musicismyfavouritedrug is my music blog, TheCellophaneFiles is my photography blog, and JessiSlaughterhouse is my hoarded url that I’m fond of and hope to use before I leave tumblr

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Anonymous asked, "Leathermouth, Of Mice and Men, You Me at Six"

Leathermouth: A band I love but don’t talk about often?

Literally all of them because I don’t talk about my music tastes much other than musicals but I would say A Day To Remember

Of Mice and Men: My favorite genre of music?

I know “musicals” is not exactly a genre because there are showtunes and rock musicals and pop musicals but for the sake of time let’s just say musicals is a genre. That’s my favorite

You Me at Six: A band I’m just discovering?

None really because the only person I just discovered was Ed Sheeran but I am listening to more The Killers and Death Cab For Cutie

I don’t listen to new music much because I have too much so sorry

Soldats de L'ombre.

"Are you seduced yet? FRICK!" Jon.