"Making AVPM was a beauitful, innocent, joyful journey. It will always hold a speical place in my heart. Thank YOU for making these last 5 years so…okay #OkayIsWonderful #5yravpm

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Whats that? You want to watch A Very Potter Musical, followed by A Very Potter Sequel followed by A Very Potter Senior Year, all in one go?


p.s. video is not mine. 

http://thisandthensome.tumblr.com/post/62258983958/whats-that-you-want-to-watch-a-very-potter thisandthensome

From beginning to end

its all that i love and its all that i need

From beginning to end

Take it easy, Hogwarts. It has been totally awesome.

Soldats de L'ombre.

"Are you seduced yet? FRICK!" Jon.